Library Foundation of Martin County

Olene Stuart

Executive Committee

Board of Director Olene Stuart Working her way south from her hometown of Buffalo, New York, Olene attended Grove City College in Grove City, PA, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Marketing. Upon graduation in1965, she and husband David K. Stuart lived north of Pittsburgh, PA where they raised two children and enjoyed becoming a part of their local community.

Olene became a member of the Schubert Music and Literary Society, the hospital auxiliary, AAUW, and the garden club.

In 1986, Olene entered the educational community by accepting a position as a secondary instructor in Uniontown, PA. Her responsibilities included Life Skills, Cooperative Education, and Work Experience, as well as core business classes. She was also responsible for establishing and overseeing a federally-funded program known as "Project Intercept: Student at Risk".

Olene's outside interests grew to include The State Theatre Center for the Arts and the southwestern Pennsylvania Arts Council of which she served as president. As president, a connection between the theater and the school districts was formed so that education and the arts could work hand-in-hand to enhance the learning experience.

Continuing with her educational endeavors, Olene attended the University of West Virginia, the University of Indiana Pennsylvania, and the University of California, Pennsylvania to receive certification in Gerontology, Co-operative Education, and Vocational/Personnel Preparation.

Olene was appointed co-chair of the membership services committee for Willoughby Golf Club and is active in her community.

Now residing in Stuart, Florida, Olene and David enjoy traveling, reading, continually learning about new places and people, and of course, visiting with their family.