Board of Directors

Xenobia Poitier-Anderson, Devin Teal & Jo Gressette
Denise Ehrich & Trish Giles
Trish Giles, Ed Cowles & Lois McGuire
William Gilcher, Scott Konopka, Stacy Ranieri & Chuck Cleaver


Stacy Ranieri, President
Denise Ehrich, Vice President
Charles Cleaver, Treasurer
Patricia Ditmars, Secretary


Joan Amerling
John P. Bracken
Christine DelVecchio
Michael DiTerlizzi
Leigh Garry
William J. Gilcher
Jo Gressette
Alishia Parenteau
Xenobia Poitier-Anderson
Devin M. Teal
Magalen Webert

Former Presidents of The Library Foundation

Stephen R. Shaw (1992)
Milton Christie (1992)
James Sopko (1993 – 1994)
Michael F. Ciferri, Sr. (1995-1997)
Robert A. Cline, Jr. (1998-1999)
Gloria Wolfe (2000 – 2001)
Paula Hundt (2002)
Helen D. Blake (2003)
Wilford B. Brown (2004 -2005)
Patty D. Downing (2006 -2007)
Jack Christin (2008-2009)
Robert Pearson (2010)
Leo C. Clancy (2011-2012)
Priscilla L. Baldwin (2013-2014)
Noreen Q. Fisher (2015-2017)

Joan Amerling, Rip Fisher & Maryann Atkins
Jenn Salas & Genie DuPell

The Library Foundation of Martin County Welcomes New Officers

Christine DelVecchio, Michael Kenny, Stacy Ranieri, Denise Ehrich, William Gilcher & Joan Amerling
2017 Annual Meeting

Three new officers were elected to The Library Foundation of Martin County, Inc. at its annual meeting held at the Blake Library in Stuart on November 13, 2017. The new officers are Stacy Ranieri, President; Denise Ehrich, Vice President; and Patricia Ditmars, Secretary. Charles Cleaver retained his office of Treasurer.

Ranieri to lead Library Foundation board

Martin County public relations and marketing professional Stacy Ranieri was installed as president of The Library Foundation of Martin County at the organization’s 26th annual meeting.
Ranieri succeeds Noreen Fisher who led the board for three years. Also installed as officers were Denise Erich as vice president, Charles Cleaver as treasurer, and Pat Ditmars as secretary. Alishia Parenteau and Xenobia Poitier-Anderson were reappointed to a second term as directors. In addition to Fisher, Scott Konopka and Lois McGuire retired from the board.
“Noreen Fisher’s contributions to the Library Foundation and to our libraries are incalculable,” said Ranieri. “She served on the board for six years and as our president for three. Her leadership reinvigorated our fundraising and events and she served as our guiding light during the executive director search which brought Michael Kenny to the Library Foundation.”
Ranieri recapped the foundation’s successes during 2017: A 12.5 percent increase in contributions; an increase in membership to 800; the Founder’s Society reaching 126 people with lifetime contributions of $10,000 or more; excellent participation in the Gateway to the Arts project in Golden Gate; a sold-out Kiplinger Literacy Award luncheon; a noteworthy Literary Affair fundraising event.
The Library Foundation funds library system program needs not met through public funding, including literacy services, young literary leader awards, homework helpers, STEM, after-school and summer reading programs, as well as Dr. Seuss Day, Book Mania! Festival, Elisabeth Lahti Concert Series and the Gateway to the Arts project.
“This is an exciting time to take the helm as president of the Library Foundation board,” added Ranieri. “We have an engaged board of directors and a creative and enthusiastic new executive director. The Library Foundation is poised to increase its fundraising efforts and its positive impact on enhancing enrichment programs through our local library system that will benefit residents of all ages.”