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2019 Kiplinger Literacy Award Luncheon
Monday, January 28, 2019
Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

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Rip Fisher, Elizabeth Barbella and Mike Kelly
Rich Mishock, Christine DelVecchio, Aleisha Coleman and Joe and Margaret Temple
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Betty Lahti, Suzanne Horstman and Ethel Christin
Aleisha Coleman, Delisa Morris, Jessica McLain and Tracy Kerwin
Aquileo Abello, Prest and Helen Blake, Susan and Edgardo Abello, Kassandra Ricotta and Jeff Schilling
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We are proud to recognize
Mary E. (May) Smyth
The 2019 Kiplinger Literacy Award Recipient


Watch May receive the 2019 Kiplinger Literacy Award



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S.Prestley & Helen Blake
Vincent & May Smyth
Bauman Family Foundation


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Robert & Carol Weissman
John & Linda Loewenberg
Frank M. Byers, JR Byers Auto Group


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Margaret W. Bradley
Mariner Sands Friends
Doug & Dr. Jo Gressette
Clare & Molly Tyler
Bank of America
Artistic Visions, LLC


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Martin Health System
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Berger, Toombs, Elam, Gaines & Frank

Knight Kiplinger
Editor in Chief, Kiplinger Publications

The bond between the Kiplinger family and the Martin County Library System has been a strong tie for decades. The influence and generosity of the family dates back to 1954, when W. M. Kiplinger, the Washington journalist and publisher, donated a block of land on East Ocean Boulevard for the construction of the first public library and the Woman’s Club of Stuart.
Knight Kiplinger writes, in his introduction to Sandra
Thurlow’s book Sewall’s Point, that his grandfather discovered the “peacefulness and natural beauty” of the Stuart region on his first visit here in 1952. He was “looking for a quiet refuge from the political hubbub
of Washington,” and he bought Bay Tree Lodge on Sewall’s Point “with a vague thought of retiring there” someday. He never did retire, but he made Bay Tree into a vacation retreat for the employees and retirees of his publishing company, the function it still serves today, while also providing the Kiplinger family with a beloved winter home. Although the main building was destroyed by re in 1990, it was faithfully reproduced.
When the Library Foundation established the Literacy Award in 2009, the Board of Directors seized the opportunity to recognize the Kiplingers in a significant manner. Knight Kiplinger’s annual keynote speech offers listeners a unique ringside perspective on the leaders and policies that shape our future, the nation and the world.
Established in 1923, The Kiplinger Letter is the most widely read and longest-published business forecasting publication in the world. Mr. Kiplinger also oversees Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, The Kiplinger Tax Letter, the Kiplinger Agriculture Letter, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, and Kiplinger.com. The privately held company publishes an array of single topic newsstand issues and digital products. The total paid circulation of its periodicals exceeds 850,000, and its website receives more than 4 million unique visitors per month, accessing 37 million page views each month.
The company has been managed for more than nine decades by three generations of Kiplinger family members. Unfortunately in November 2015, Austin H. Kiplinger, Knight’s father, who was editor emeritus, died.
A unique aspect of the company, which contributes greatly to its success, is that the imperative of editorial quality takes precedence over the pressures of the business side, especially advertising. Among other accolades, the company has received the American Business Ethics Award, was named “one of America’s most ethical companies” by Ethisphere Magazine, and was named a 2009 General Excellence Award winner by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.


May Smyth
2019 Kiplinger Literacy Honoree

Over the last decade Mary Elizabeth “May” Smyth has dedicated her considerable energies to ensuring that the Library Foundation of Martin County’s literacy efforts continue to thrive.

May and her husband Vincent discovered Martin County more than 25 years ago. Vincent would join friends for golf tournaments here while May explored the Treasure Coast. A few years later, circumstances would change drastically. Vincent’s doctors told him to retire permanently and May had just earned a master’s degree in library science. It was a difficult decision, but they found the consolation quite easy to accept after they headed for Martin County, found Sailfish Point, and began a whole new life as snowbirds in Stuart 20 years ago.

Born in Scotland, May and her family joined her father, an RAF Wing Commander stationed in the U.S. during WW II. After returning to Scotland, May’s parents decided to raise their family in America. Immigration took them first to Montreal, Canada and eventually to the U.S. where they settled in Spring Lake, New Jersey. When asked what her nationality is, May answers, “Irish by ancestry, Scottish by birth and American by choice!”

She earned a B.A. at Monmouth College and taught elementary school for four years, but her love of travel convinced her it was “now or never.” Knowing that the airlines had generous travel benefits, she wound up at the New York City office of American Airlines. May’s most memorable trip was going around the world in 21 days, absorbing the cultures, customs, differences and similarities in some of the world’s major cities. “I probably had more adventures in 21 days than Jules Verne had in 80,” she said.

May’s biggest and best adventure while working at the airline was meeting a young Irishman from Dublin, fresh out of the US Army, Vincent, her husband to be. Eventually they were married in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, had four children and raised their family in Huntington on Long Island. May was a stay-at-home mother and volunteered in her children’s schools, helping to develop the Arts in Education Program. The program involved bringing select Broadway samplings of live drama, musicals, artists, musicians, dancers and ne arts into the schools, enriching the lives of many students.

After her children left for college, May pursued her master’s degree from C.W. Post at Long Island University. She completed her library science degree shortly before computers changed everything for library operation. And that ended her library career.

Not to be deterred, May turned her love of libraries into a boon for the patrons of the Martin County Library System, which she considers a gem of our community. She served three three-year terms on the Library Foundation’s Board of Directors and was instrumental in the establishment of the Founders Society, the crucial fundraising arm of the Foundation, ultimately serving as the chairperson. The funds raised by the foundation enable the library to provide the very successful essential literacy programs, along with many educational and entertaining events.
May has also chaired three consecutive fundraising galas, which, after a year's hiatus, morphed into A Literary Affair, the intimate fundraising dinner party honoring the authors on the eve of the Library Foundation's annual gift to the community, the ever-popular, free-of-charge BookMania!.

“BookMania! is my favorite event and, when the date is announced, I buy the whole package. It is fascinating to hear the authors talk and to learn about what motivates them to write. I love every minute of it,” May said. The “whole package” includes highly sought-after authors' sponsorships which allow patrons to mingle and meet with all the authors during the A Literary Affair cocktail hour then have dinner with a group of friends and one of the authors. The lively, fun evening is a prelude to the entertaining and enlightening day of BookMania!, at which sponsors receive VIP reserved seating.

May loves reading, theater and the arts. Through her many contributions to the Library Foundation, she has helped to enrich the lives of everyone who interacts with the Martin County Library System.