2017 Kiplinger Literacy Award Luncheon

John and Linda Loewenberg with Bethany and Rob Lord
Knight Kiplinger, Noreen Fisher, Leo Clancy and Lois McGuire
 Frank Byers, Karen Rodgers, Eileen Morris, Sally and Lee Rose
Patty and Doug Stewart
Jeff Wissel, Caroline Barca, Tricia Gleichman and Devin Teal
 Ron Quinlan, Elizabeth Highfield and Scott Roads
: Todd and Deanna Thurlow, Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch, Knight Kplinger, Sandy and Tom Thurlow, Jenny and Mike Flaugh
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch sponsors Phillip McLaughin, Tammy Matthew, Rob Tweeddale, Kristin Horton and Daniel Weaver
Carol and Bob Weissman with Andrea Lutz
Frank Byers, Karen Rodgers, Donna and Mark Cocorullo
Stacy and Rob Ranieri, Denise Ehrich and Christine DelVecchio
Sue Zachman, Dawn Connelly, Tricia Gleichman, Knight Kiplinger, Lynn Barletta, Caroline Barca and Devin Teal